Digital Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography - DiapoV_ile_toit_rouge

With the latest in Vexcel Imaging UltraCam digital sensors, XEOS Imaging plans each flight mission with careful attention to meet or exceed each client’s specific requirements. The UltraCam Falcon Prime can capture RGB and near infrared images with unparalleled quality. At a resolution of 30 cm per pixel, each frame covers a width of 5 km.

XEOS Imaging operates throughout North America and the Caribbean.


Stereo Pairs

  • Stereoscopic (3D) capture and viewing
  • 2D and 3D mapping
  • Photogrammetric point clouds and 3D modelling

Ortho Photos and Ortho Mosaics

  • Continuous image can be used as a background map
  • Display on Google Earth
  • Ortho Mosaic offers better planning at project start-up
  • Communication tool to present projects to the public
  • Replaces most conventional maps
  • Etc.

Features and Benefits

  • Resolution between 1.5 cm (0.5 in.) and 30 cm (12 in.) per pixel
  • Images of 17310 x 11310 pixels
  • 4 RGBi bands
  • Stereoscopic vision
  • GPS/IMU coordinates assigned to each frame
  • Gyrostabilized mount guaranteeing clear vertical images
  • Aircraft with speeds of 305 km/h allow fast mobilization and a shorter capture period for very large projects
  • Format compatible with all commonly used SIG software