All XEOS Imaging equipment is inspected and calibrated on a regular basis by the manufacturer. To ensure stability, the equipment is permanently installed in aircraft especially adapted by XEOS Imaging for aerial imagery and LiDAR survey purposes.

Each flight mission is done by an experienced camera/LiDAR system operator who has all the requisite knowledge to manage and control the equipment and the software in the aircraft. In addition, all flight missions are flown by pilots highly experienced in aerial imagery and LiDAR surveys.

Digital Aerial Photography

UltraCam FalconPrime and LiDAR Riegl


UltraCam Falcon Mark 2

UltraCam Falcon Mark 2 large format digital metric camera:

  • AeroControl flight navigation system from IGI, including a surveying grade GNSS system and a high accuracy IMU system
  • Zeiss T-AS gyro-stabilized mount

Main Features:

  • frame size: 17 310 x 11 310 pixels
  • multi spectral band: RGB and infrared

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Topographic LiDAR Surveys


Riegl VQ-780ii

IGI Lite Mapper VQ-7800ii system with a RIEGL VQ-780ii 2000KHz sensor. This system also includes a CCNS5 flight navigation system and an AeroControl-II system comprising a surveying grade airborne GPS and a IMU-IIf inertial system.

Consult the datasheet

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