ISO 9001

LiDAR data

XEOS Imaging is committed to providing digital aerial imagery solutions of the highest quality, in the shortest possible delivery timeframes. With this objective in mind, the company implemented the ISO 9001 certification process. In June 2006, Xeos was granted the certification that will help ensure increased quality control.

Quality Control

As an ISO 9001 certified business, XEOS developed a monitoring plan that includes a series of procedures covering all the essential stages of production: care and maintenance of equipment, calibration of cameras; image acquisition; image production; production of orthomosaics; and more. Not only did the company set up procedures regulating production management, it also implemented procedures for archiving data and for tracking client satisfaction.

Assessing and perfecting processes

In parallel with its monitoring activities, XEOS Imaging is constantly evaluating and correcting its processes to ensure that they remain in line with technological advances and the needs of the market.

As an example, all customer comments are noted and relayed to the team in charge of drawing up procedures so that any necessary modifications can be swiftly implemented.

Each member of the team does his or her part. All are encouraged to express their ideas and comments so that performance and end results can be improved.