Corporate Profile

digital aerial photography


XEOS Imaging was started at the end of the 1980s when its first aerial image flights were completed to characterize salmon rivers. At the time, the company was known as Naturam Environment. During the 1990s, its research and development team refined the image shooting system and completed mandates as far away as Venezuela.

In 2000, the company merged with engineering firm GENIVAR. The aerial imaging team grew and became active in the U.S. market. The company was the first in the market to offer digital aerial photography. The XEOS Imaging Inc. subsidiary was created in 2004. The company specializes mainly in digital aerial photography for corridors such as pipelines, electric power line networks and roads.

In 2005, the XEOS Imaging leadership bought back the company. A partnership with a company in Puerto Rico provided a presence in the Caribbean where several mandates have been completed. The first LiDAR projects were completed.

In 2014, XEOS Imaging purchased the best performing camera on the market, Microsoft’s UltraCam Falcon Prime. With the purchase of a 400-kHz LiDAR Riegl LMS-Q680i in 2015, of a Riegl VQ-780i in December 2017 and of a Riegl VQ-780ii in 2020, XEOS continues to stand out in the market due to the performance of its equipment and team.

During the years, XEOS Imaging has been awarded several prizes and honours, for technological innovation in equipment and software development, and for the quality of its human resource management. With employee working for the company for an average of more than 6 years, the team’s well-being is noticeable in the quality of work we do for our clients.

Our Vision

XEOS Imaging aims to be a company renowned in the industry for the quality of its products and services, its high performance level and its pleasing and harmonious working environment.

Mission and Values

XEOS Imaging offers top-quality digital aerial imagery solutions and highly competitive delivery timeframes. The company is committed to an ongoing process of technological innovation and is justly proud of its personalized customer service. XEOS Imaging seeks an environment where added value is an essential requirement.

XEOS Imaging, a company tailored to human scale

Two fundamental values underpin all XEOS Imaging activities:

  • In our approach, our clients are our partners:
    Our goal is to play a significant role in our clients’ successes. It is for this reason that we prefer the client-partner relationship with our clients. For us, our clients’ successes are as important and gratifying as our own.
  • Teamwork based on making the most of the strengths and talents of each individual:
    We give special importance to a team that functions by getting the most out of each individual member. We are convinced that performance and personal growth can go hand in hand. How is this accomplished in real life?
  • Refining talents: each individual benefits from improving his skills, and the group benefits as a result. Other people’s talents are not threatening – they are complementary.
  • Acknowledging each individual’s right to make a mistake: errors are part of the learning process. Negligence, however, is not tolerated.
  • Adopting a constructive approach: we don’t offer excuses, we look for solutions. Once a solution has been found, the team works together to ensure its success.
  • Team spirit is the key: each member is happy to see the others succeed, ready to acknowledge their talents, willing to ask them for advice. The success of the team is credited to all and grows out of the individual contributions of its members.
  • Being proactive: each member is responsible for positive, concrete contributions that help maintain a harmonious, productive atmosphere.
  • Seeing one’s job as a vehicle for personal growth: just being good or even the best at the job is not enough; each individual must allow himself or herself the time to be happy.
  • Daring to trust others: living in a culture of responsibility, not control.