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XEOS Imaging is renowned in the digital aerial photography and LiDAR surveys industry in North America and in the Caribbean. Each year, we capture over 75,000 km² for various projects: cities, forestry, pipeline, wind farms, mining, erosion areas, and others.

Aerial Photography and LiDAR SurveyWith the latest Vexcel Imaging UltraCam digital sensor generation, XEOS Imaging plans each flight mission with particular attention in order to meet or exceed the specific requirements of each client.

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LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology allows for highly accurate three dimensional topographical representation of the earth’s surface using a laser system positioned on an aircraft.

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Latest News

XEOS Imaging increases its LiDAR production capacity

XEOS Imaging's team is proud to announce the operationalization of its recently acquired LiteMapper 7800-VQ LiDAR system including a Riegl VQ-780i sensor. With a scan frequency of 1000 KHz and unparalleled performance and efficiency, this system allows for the capture...

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